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To Resolute Or Not To Resolute

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution(s)? Did you make one or more for Barbara Walter's year 20/20? Do you believe in this tradition because it's what we're supposed to do every end of the year?

Personally I don't make New Year's resolutions. I don't commit to them and sometimes I commit to them later on that year. You might as well say I have commitment issues when it comes down to New Year's resolutions. Not knocking those who makes these resolutions every year but it's an automatic stage for me when I hear people state them. The most famous resolution of them all is "I'm going to join the gym." I'll say from January til March/April that gym resolution is DONE! Been there done that and got a lot of accessories to give away. ;)


JUST GO GET IT WITHOUT THE FAD!!! Write your goals down in your "make it come true journal" and set approximate timelines. Don't worry or stress about it. Remember the old saying "if you fall down, dust yourself off and try again" and "trying beats failing."

Finally, be careful releasing vocabulary in the air. That's right... what you speak can grow and kill your goals and dreams. Stay positive and speak positive to those things and people. It's ok to be upset but keep going! Don't tell everyone your goals! Not everyone is supposed to know your moves. Some were meant to kill, steal and destroy. Some can't handle it and will try to talk you out of it so keep it to yourself first! If you have trustful friend(s) sign a confidential agreement to secrecy of your plans. Word is bond!


So get those accomplishments in gear without commitment issues. Most likely it will put a ring on it or a big red bow for you to cut. If it's your year and you feel it in the air tonight like Phil Collins the pressure in committing to your New Year's resolution won't matter.

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