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How an International Sisterhood Made Olympic History

Korea's first Olympic ice hockey team.

How an International Sisterhood Made Olympic History
Seth Berkman: A Team of Their Own

Seth Berkman shares an amazing journey about these young women becoming the first Korean women's Olympics hockey team. Going through pressures from political to personal hurdles to show the world their determination through grit, love, sports and family.

#1: My First Impressions

Reading about the history of Korea and how it became separate between North and South was interesting. The way of life in North Korea is militant while South Korea is laid back. But the sad part was citizens of Korea were either moving from North to South while some stayed North or settled in other countries for a better life.

The willingness of Korea to find talent among those who lived or reside on either side or another country was signal of change. No matter what side or country they were from it was time for Korea to show the world they can work together. But they have to believe this first.

#2: How I Tested This History

Of course, Korea women's Olympic hockey team is noted in history but I want to be a witness in how that came to be. I don't want to give to much of their story away because I want you to enjoy the journey like I did. Seth Berkman made these pages come alive and I heard the cheers, press conferences, locker room cries and emotions, coaches screaming, the smells of team spirit, etc... I was at the edge of my seat!

I want to know what happens next after their first meet and greet with each other, how was barriers crossed and did they want to do this as a unit, really?! Loved their differences and vulnerabilities as they went through the process. It gave me a chance to know and understand their background coming from either North or South Korea, Canada and America. It had to be difficult to be put to the test by your own because of differences, challenges of ones perceptions and how their individuality being accepted. Yes, it took time but their layers were peeling into a rose in bloom.

#3: The Final Score

Having a goal to accomplish and acceptance are important to get things done. Korea Women's Olympic hockey team had to go through hurdles and acceptance was the key to every ones flaws. Language and lifestyle barriers were present and it had to be dealt with and accepted to start the process of becoming a team.

This fabric was needed to cover their wounds because the team was going through terrible tides in this sport. Being a woman playing hockey a "man's sport" was a strike against them. This has always been the case when it came to the battle of sexes in sports. In reality, it was not suppose to be a battle it was suppose to be shared among the sexes to have fun and enjoy together. We're still getting their.

Lastly, this happened in 2018! Not too long ago and I don't remember none of this. I love watching both summer and winter Olympics, a huge fan! I had to go to YouTube and watch the ceremony and their hockey team in action. As I watched it, yes it was real and emotional for me because I knew their story and how they became one by overcoming barriers, flaws, discrimination, negativity and such.

Let this be a lesson to all of us whenever we're approach by our own or others who are different than us. Take the time to learn from one another because we have more things in common than we think or see. Please check out Seth Berkman's A Team of Their Own.

Love & Peace

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