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Book Review: Devon Franklin's LIVE FREE Exceed Your Highest Expectations

Devon Franklin LIVE FREE

Have you ever felt like you're in a box or in a crowd screaming so loud no one hears or pay attention to your cries?

Expect to be challenged by reading and answering questions that will help you understand why living free is important to let go of things hindering you from being free.

#1: Your First Impressions

Reading about DeVon's experiences through life with anxiety, stress and disconnected was surprising because of he's a successful producer of movies and television series such as The Karate Kid and BETs Kingdom Business to name a couple. Well, he's human and issues like we do!!!

#2: How Have I Tested

LIVE FREE tested me, asking me challenging questions! That's right you will have homework after each session/chapter. I was hesitant to read further and NOT answer questions because it was personal and I didn't want to open that little black box I have hidden inside me.

That black box represents things I've thrown in and didn't want to remember or resolve because it was too traumatic for me to handle. Expectations were not met and certain people let me down which made events more upsetting. The box was getting heavier and became a spiritual weight causing me to have suicidal thoughts, severe depression, anxiety and PTSD.

So, I decided to be free and didn't want to carry that box anymore! I got my pen, journal, a safe space and did the homework. The questions were hard to answer because it brought back memories, tears anger but it was pealing off of me and I was becoming free, burdens were lifted off and healing began. I started to pray more to God and being more specific about my situations and expectancies. But most importantly a personal relationship with Jesus!

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience. I'm not a doctor or a therapist! This was my way of dealing with me. If you have severe depression, anxiety and PTSD please go see a therapist who is licensed/certified via community hospital/clinic. For Veterans call or text the crisis line:

Online chat or send a text message to the Veterans Crisis Line at 838255.

The Veterans Crisis Line offers free, confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

#3: The Final Score

I feel great! I do have my ups and downs but I know how to deal with them and what to expect. Everybody can't read minds and that's why it's important to be realistic and communicate. Remember it's ok to protect yourself because you are not a doormat and barriers can be used correctly along with the word no.

I do challenge you to read LIVE FREE Exceed Your Highest Expectations by DeVon Franklin and leave a comment below. Happy reading!!!

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