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Black Oak

Poetry Book Review: My opinion on Harold Green III, Black Oak

Harold Green III: Black Oak

Harold Green III introduces us to groups of prestigious black men who are making a difference and inspiring the game of greatness in Black Culture.

To have a great reading experience Harold would like for us to set the mood in our reading room or atmosphere with some soft jazz or John Coltrane playing in the background. Or you can set the mood wherever you are. He wants us to enjoy and celebrate our black men, their families, communities and accolades.

#1: My First Impressions

As a black woman reading Harold Green III poetry I felt chills, smiles and tears. The prelude describes why he decided to write his expression of gratitude to men who've inspired him to write words of appreciation, courage and encouragement. This started at home by having great men in his life who are his relatives and friends. So this real life experience became his proof to tell the world black are beautiful to show love, confidence, encouragement, courage and appreciation to other black men who are doing positive things in the world to express and expand their culture.

#2: How Have I Tested

Reading Harold's testimonies and cheers on black men is a lot to take in because we don't do it enough. Every brick of appreciation for one another can build a community of honor, love and trails to blaze for others to travel further to build more for our generation and beyond.

#4: The Final Score

 So thank you Harold Green III for the introduction and hopefully you continue to spit out more on poet nights. (snapping fingers).

Props to Melissa Koby as the illustrator!!! Her art resembles who Harold Green III is giving ode to and it gives honor and flowers to our prestigious black men. So thank you Melissa Koby!!!

Denise Young.

P.S. Visit to learn more about Harold Green III.

Peace and Love

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