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Prince's Latest Album: Welcome 2 America (Reviewing Track 1: Welcome 2 America)

An unknown album in a time capsule has shown up for an upcoming need for work and understanding in our society right NOW!

Of course people who bought the album will have an opinion that will either complement or misjudge what's being conveyed through P's music. Real music can make us believe we can make it.

This message is coming from a brotha who've experienced sexism and racism in reality and systemically. Prince ( I prefer to use P because of his hospitality to me, my family and friends from all walks of life who've experienced the purple high in real-time) was constantly being criticized and stigmatized on how he should dress and act not even comprehending that he's a musician, entertainer and most importantly a rock star! Through various albums P wrote so many songs about what's going on in our neighborhoods like the eye in CBS, seeing the bs being spoon fed to people.

Welcome 2 America!!!

Bass line opens the door of our ears exploring the atmosphere of funk intelligence while your mind is thinking, "it's going down ya'll like like the wall of Berlin." (P would say.) Soul sangin' ladies Liv Warfield, Shelby J and Elisa Fiorillo sings us a warm welcome as P introduces various troubling subjects that's happening in this land called America.

In this session, Professor P with a PhD is using his genius in writing poetically along with his deep calming teaching voice conveying true knowledge in a nutshell. "Welcome 2 America, Where you can fail at your job, get fired and rehired with a 7 hundred billion dollar tip." (W2A, Prince) Hmmm c'mon you better ask somebody!

We're constantly being tracked without a chip in our necks and constantly giving way keystrokes 24/7 with devices in the palms of our hands. "Somebody's watching you." (W2A, Prince) Yet we're keeping track on trends that will not make cents in our pockets.

Read those lips on those sales tax!!! How are they being used in your community? Things we require to live in this life comes with a hefty price of gratuity called taxes.

So how about those sales taxes?!!! "The sales tax for the following items will be raised immediately." (W2A, Prince) Yep! Things we need to survive and have a good time comes with a price including a hefty gratuity called sales tax! Yay but are your streets being paved correctly or is it an occasional fill in?!

Yes! "Transformation happens deep within." (W2A, Prince) Sins of past generations are hidden deep within family roots that are extremely bitter and dangerous. It's trying to choke this generation and generations to come, however, people are beginning to wake up from slumbers of lies that were told at gatherings and meetings. P said it best, "Hope and change, everything takes forever, and truth is a new minority." (W2A, Prince) This statement coming from P is what you would here from an old soul who was here before.

Our educational system is a split end which includes split end neighborhoods. Some has advantages while some have below disadvantages. Neighborhoods were planned the way it was to keep certain people in the game. Certain teachers were not allowed to teach the truth in certain subjects because gatekeepers would not allow it. Either way a lie will not stand and what is done in the dark will come to light. I do "pledge allegiance to the earth of the United States of the Universe, Welcome 2 America." (W2A, Prince)

How dare Prince speaks through his music about current events!!! He's an entertainer and should stay in his lane called music!!! He's not one of us he's a freaking celebrity what does he know about these hardships we're living in?!!!!

Well.... P is one of us but on another spectrum where he holds more weight of consequences. He uses his art to speak the truth out loud sometimes using parables and codes letting us know he sees and hears the cries of those who are still pushing. Writing and recording music to be conveyed through records, radio and internet, just to name a few, without being interrupted is genius. It's not always about the bells and whistles when creating music, it's always about the message being led by a sword of a pen. Knowing P through music he couldn't ignore these issues so he put his art to work.

Welcome 2 America

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