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Prince Respect From Fam

Updated: Jan 12

Well, I was going to do a video but I want people to read my words and have it seared deep in their brains. Most of us don't like to read anyways but love to watch video itching ear syndrome of lies and wannabe famous floggers!

I've been quite enough to the point where I have to speak up and STAND up for THE TRUTH than stand for anything that's quicksand. I've noticed after Prince transitioned a lot of disrespectful moments were coming to older Prince fans who have more knowledge than these Prince STANS! They've never been to any of his concerts, Paisley Park etc... and swear they know more than the fans who were present at that time/era! Strange and it's NOT beautiful at all they just want a piece of that pie!

The reason why I say this is because of the lack of knowledge, not wanting to understand and listen to those who have TESTIMONIES of being present when Prince became a soundtrack in their lives. Many have truly experienced looking for THE LADDER while EMANCIPATION came at hand after entering into the CHOCOLATE INVASION where a CRYSTAL BALL awaits for us to travel to an ART OFFICIAL AGE carrying our PLECTRUM ELECTRUM to HIT & RUN I & II. That's why we go H.A.M when it comes down to the Musicology of Prince!

Corrections are not bad at all. Yes some of us who are knowledgeable can come across hard because we respect his legacy and PRIVACY so much and dare not to have it tarnished by stans who DON'T know ish! So take it as a grain of salt and move on and read the L4OA rules. Memorize them and you'll be fine!

So to ALL u Stan's out there STOP using the phrase " Well, u know those Prince fans.." As Prince said at PPAD concert "What do u know?!" I miss those nights, my crew and people we have met from ALL over the world!!!

So yes I'm a Prince fam in my 40s but who's counting?!! lol! Now, to all the young and starter Prince fans who are learning, getting to know Prince and craving musicology knowledge WELCOME, this blog is NOT to u! Keep being TRUE FUNK SOLDIERS spreading love, purple highs and purple vibes passing along TRUTHFUL knowledge.

Just like Prince said "Take care of each other, alright?! No matter the color we're ALL family."

That's what Prince wants Real music, love and unity!


Peace and B Wild 💜

Picture header credit to NASA 💜

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