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Middle Child Syndrome

Ok! We have three kids, our oldest son who is 15, oldest daughter 14 the middle child, and the queen who is 8 also known as the baby girl.

My husband and I have siblings who are the eldest and we kind of know what their lives was like being the oldest of 11 or 2 kids. They were the rebels, being a trailblazer for their surviving siblings who carefully watched, kept track records on what, why, where and how tactics, displaying bad habits, showing what NOT to do and NOT become one of them.

Next category, the baby!!! I'm a baby myself so I know the baby gets just about almost everything. Most of us babies get away with REDRUM that's right MURDER!!!! I have one and we call her the queen, she's the 8 year old.

But I never heard of the "middle child" or the "middle child syndrome". I didn't know these names existed until the baby was born and our first baby girl transformed from the baby to the middle child. I really didn't pay attention until the game of the oldest, middle and baby thrones started to happen in our household.

I started to meet people who are or have siblings who are middle children. Their stories are interesting, like ours! Our oldest daughter who is the middle child,14, swears she's being ignored and nobody cares about her feelings (not true your honor). She also claims her baby sister is making her life hard to live and she's taking over everything and everyone including her parents and grandparents.

So her actions confesses to us that she's been using her baby sister to get what she wants. For example, she tells her baby sister to go ask her daddy (another episode about daddy's little girls) for snacks. Of course her daddy, whom she has wrapped around her finger, gives her whatever snacks she wants. The baby takes the snacks and signals her sister to come and get the snacks she wants. Wow, our oldest daughter found herself a little human called the baby girl portal to get what she wants from dad. Good play! Oh wait, here comes the oldest who's been spying and catching on to this game as well and yes he uses the same play.

Comment below on your experience as a middle child or do you know someone who is the middle child and suffers the middle child syndrome.

Thank you for reading :)

Pic taken by Denise Young
Our oldest son 15, oldest daughter 14, little bit 8 and Nana.

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