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Fraudulent Friends

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By the show of likes, how many friendships have morphed into fraudulent friendships?

I would love to know why they exist and what makes them morph into nightmarish tools prepared to gut out trust in friendships?

Do they understand they will not gain anything but a plate of sand instead of nurturing fruit to balance?

courtesy of wix pictures

Fake friends are toxic! They have these stages or should I say processes to survive for awhile in the wonderful world of friendship. First stage, they’re cunning and charming. Like a science project that has never been seen before, the person presenting wants to have the best impression. So, first impressions... (go ahead and finish the sentence). Keep that in mind! If you’re gut says to leave them alone DO IT! If not, second stage is near!

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The chameleon stage! Hanging out becomes fun and the closeness starts to thicken, invites to special places, bonds intertwine and trusts bubbles in the air. "Ah, where have you’ve been all my life fry-end! I can trust you with anything because I feel comfortable around you!" Watch out for their colors/aura! If it’s bright they’re poisonous, be careful! Think of a poisonous frog. Choose to keep going? Ok hold on!

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DUN-DUN-DUN!!!! The stab in the back... are you bleeding enough yet?! Just when it’s comfortable a benefit of the doubt sets in - start to doze off transforming into sleep - and here comes the strike in the back or sometimes in the face. Overall, it's gonna hurt! Especially, when family is involved. Oh yeah remember that first impression they gave in front of your family members?!! Yeah a slap in the face! (Been there done that and still counting. I have extra accessories and clothing lines to give you in this category.)

courtesy of wix pictures

Here comes the bereavement stage. Go ahead and dress in all black with shades that says, "Caution wet area!" I’ll get the censorship button to bleep out words of resentment and anger. Kleenex coming through. No no no no weapons I don’t have a metal detectors with guards and such!!! They're not worth the jail time!

Shhhhh....listen! We have to learn one way or another. At times our brains are kind of slow but those nerves in your gut are there for a reason. Of course we don’t dot every I and cross every T when it comes to choosing the right people to be in friendships but it’s a learning trip. Next time you’ll do better choosing and guarding yourself promptly. Oh yeah PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS AND STAGES! You’ll know how to bob and weave and say NAH I’m good!

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